Hiking greatly benefits your health. Not only does it help your muscles and joints avoid atrophy, it also works with the blood pump and the lungs, so you can increase the level of resistance if you practice it enough. It also increases your cardiovascular performance and pulmonary filtering ability, which can prolong its lifespan and help prevent heart attacks, strokes and other unpleasant problems.

We were programmed to do it: The human body became a hunter-gatherer and we were expected to walk between 8 and 9 kilometers per day, that’s a lot. Today we sit all day and our health suffers. The walk helps your body to be an activity for which your body has been created, which not only improves your health but also your mind. A well-adjusted mind makes a well-adjusted mind! It does not cost you much: Many sports teams can be expensive, but the equipment required for hiking is not.

You just need a good pair of boots and that’s it: the rest of the available equipment will help you if you want to be serious, but starting with the boots is enough! You like nature and yourself: A few moments alone with nature can have a purifying effect and reach the top of a mountain, breathe in that pure air and contemplate the cloudless sky that is the best antidepressant that exists.

Being in harmony with nature has proven to be a solid panacea for many of the current problems of mind and spirit, and hiking is undoubtedly an activity that will bring these benefits.

It can be done all your life: Walking is an activity that can be practiced throughout life and whose benefits improve over time. Older people who walk regularly have a better chance of living longer than those who stay at home in silence and this is not a surprise. Therefore, if you love hiking, you do not have to worry about getting older as much as other sports.

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